HireVue Labs is the experimental startup arm of HireVue, the world's leading digital interviewing company. We're building new businesses that can benefit from our core human interaction technologies. Networks have reinvented the social graph, the Cloud has reinvented how business applications can be created and managed, and now HireVue is reinventing human interactions and where they apply. What's next?

Extraordinary interaction tools designed for business.

Over the last 30 years, the shift has been to digitize the person. They have become a number, a profile, a keyword, a resume, a bullet on a piece of paper. It isn't anybody's fault - it comes down to scale and there is nothing scalable about live, real time interaction. Fundamentally though, people are voices, stories, experiences and personalities. 

Built for humans.

Our goal is to bring "human" back to technology. What if the way people interact could be reimagined and scaled to a point that thousands of interactions could occur instantly and they could all be consumed in 1% the time it usually takes.

We've done it with job interviews. Now we're doing it with all of the other personal interactions between people. What's next?