A Note from HireVue’s CEO on Our Acquisition of Modern Hire

May 9th, 2023
Anthony A. Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer

The first week I joined HireVue, we published an open letter where I made a series of promises about enhancing the hiring experience and treating our customer’s talent needs with great care. Today, I’m excited to share a massive step forward in how we’re going to make good on those promises: HireVue just announced our acquisition of Modern Hire. 

I couldn’t be more excited about this announcement–it’s the start of a new era as HireVue once again redefines what transformative talent experiences look like. While I’m sure you have many questions about what the future of our combined companies holds, the bottom line is this: 

This combination gives enterprise companies access to enhanced expertise and more tools designed to fairly engage, evaluate and select candidates.

Everything we do as a company is enabled by our values, the first of which is being a “hero for our customers.” This means understanding and respecting our customer’s journeys and challenges, and leading them to success by being their champions and experts. I share this value in particular, because this is where I can make another concrete promise to our customers – our newly expanded team of experts and products will solve your most intractable hiring challenges. 

Why now and why Modern Hire?

Frankly, this combination is happening right now because it needs to; the world’s labor markets are at an inflection point. Skill and talent shortages are converging across industries and regions in ways that are truly unprecedented, and depending on your business, finding qualified talent is a business continuity, supply chain and/or public safety issue. 

Our acquisition of Modern Hire unlocks greater potential to solve these big, structural talent issues. By combining forces, we’re enabling organizations to realize the full benefits of the most comprehensive and innovative platform for assessment, interviewing and end-to-end hiring automation. There truly is no comparable solution to what we can offer together, and this unparalleled breadth and depth will become clearer by the minute as our combined 1150+ customers hire the best and brightest talent. 

If you’re asking, “Why Modern Hire?,” it’s because we are both vision and mission driven organizations that share an unparalleled commitment to scientific rigor. There are exceptionally compelling and scalable complements in our products and our people. This acquisition gives talent teams easy access to the full benefit of the most comprehensive platform for assessment, interviewing and hiring automation. It also expands our team of experts who are here to help you design hiring strategies that ensure business continuity and drive competitive advantage. 

What happens next? 

Today’s announcement is a tremendous milestone in our company history. It represents countless hours of due diligence and collaboration amongst the HireVue and Modern Hire teams to bring this deal over the finish line. But the next phase of our work is just beginning, and I can assure you that the deep, strategic work toward how we integrate our products is being handled by the best and brightest of our combined experts, as well as topnotch consultants.

Today, the only thing that changes is your company’s future hiring potential. Current product integrations and partnerships will not be impacted. As we define a long-term product roadmap, we will share updates well in advance of any changes.

Being your strategic business partner has always meant giving you the most up-to-date information we have at any given moment, and our approach in this process is no different. We’ve created a resource page with additional materials to answer anything we currently have the answers for. It will be updated regularly as we have more information. For HireVue Customers with account-based questions, your Customer Success Partner or Regional Sales Representative continues to be the best first point of contact. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them with any questions.

Looking ahead to the future

Today’s news is even better than what I envisioned when I promised you 15 months ago that we’d enhance ways you find top talent. This is big. It’s transformative. And I am, along with the entire new HireVue extended team, excited to continue on this journey with you.  

I look forward to meeting with many of you soon as we begin integrations. In the meantime, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.


Anthony A. Reynolds

Chief Executive Officer