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Looking for structured interview software? Meet HireVue Builder.

Structured interviews in seconds. A first of its kind solution – HireVue Builder provides interview automation tools with job-related competencies, interview questions, templates, and evaluation guides for any job role at any level.

HireVue HR Top product award

Consistent Structure

Leverage your own competencies, questions and evaluations. Or use ours, it's flexible.

Enhance quality

Consistently evaluate candidates on job related attributes, validated by IO Psychologists.

Improve diversity

Create more fair hiring outcomes with optimized interview questions.

Hire faster

Speed up time to begin interviewing and evaluating candidates with rapid templates.

Structured interviews with built-in question and evaluation guides

Structured interviews are one of the best determinants of future job performance, but a majority of interviews today are ad hoc and inconsistent. By asking the same questions, in the same manner, and assessing responses according to the same job-related criteria, structured interviews give candidates a more equitable opportunity to demonstrate their qualifications.

Empower recruiters and hiring managers to quickly build structured interview templates with consistent competency measures from HireVue’s comprehensive library built by IO Psychologists and independently audited for more fair and equitable interviews. Or organizations can add their own interview content with the ability to include custom competencies and associated questions. Each question is designed to evaluate candidates on clearly defined knowledge and skills and are presented in the same way — ensuring hiring teams stay compliant, fair, and calibrated.

What is a structured interview?

Simplicity & consistency – Make the interview creation process quick and consistent with auto-generated content, and evaluate candidates based on clearly defined competencies.

Backed by science – HireVue’s suggested competencies, interview questions, and evaluation criteria are mapped to all O*NET job roles, validated by IO Psychologists, and independently audited.

Use our library or yours – Use your own custom competencies, questions and evaluation criteria to review candidates on clearly defined knowledge and skills.

Mitigate bias – Structured interviews empower recruiters and hiring managers to make decisions based on skills; not similarities.

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