Text Recruiting

Engage 4x more candidates 5x faster

You’ve worked hard to uncover talent and show them the potential at your company. Don’t lose them simply because you can’t keep up with communications! Leverage HireVue’s Direct Messaging and connect with candidates at scale.

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“For us, [HireVue’s] texting solution was an invaluable resource and vital lifeline to our employees.”
Nicole Bulman, Vice President of Human Resources, Black Angus

1:1 or Campaign Messaging

Individual or Team Inboxes

Secure, Compliant Texting

Engage or re-engage in seconds

Stop making cold calls or sending emails. Send personalized SMS campaigns to source from your most underutilized resource–your existing talent pool. Use the on-demand text interview to quickly engage and qualify candidates before scheduling an interview. Watch previous leads turn into your latest hires with our text recruiting software.

HireVue automated text to inform candidate hiring

Outreach 1:1 or to everyone

Text candidates 1:1 to instantly connect on last minute updates like interview changes or reference checks. Or send mass texting campaigns to keep your newest hires engaged and informed before they start. Utilize templates that streamline the process, reduce errors in communication, and stay in line with your company guidelines.

HireVue candidate follow up for future applications

Keep it on the record

Recruiters can finally text applicants without using their personal phones and instead collaborate with the rest of the team using shared inboxes that give everyone visibility. Protect their privacy while giving your HR, IT, and legal teams peace of mind.

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