HireVue Science Team Showcases Latest Research on Ethical AI and Performance Prediction at SIOP Annual Conference

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HireVue Announces Twenty-three Research Presentations Selected for SIOP Annual Conference
HireVue IO Psychologist Receives Coveted Award for Distinguished Early Career Contributions

SALT LAKE CITY, April 9th, 2024— HireVue, the pioneer and global leader in Human Potential Intelligence, today announced its latest research publications and contributions to industrial organizational psychology, data science, and talent assessment. The team will present 23 sessions at the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology’s (SIOP) Annual Conference, and principal IO consultant, Dr. Carter Gibson, will receive the coveted award for Distinguished Early Career Contribution.

Predicting Job Performance and Bias Mitigation Dominate Research Focus

The HireVue Science Team continues to advance both theory and practice at the intersection of performance prediction and the ethical creation of artificial intelligence. This year’s SIOP presentations emphasize how to ethically use AI to score video interviews, game-based assessments, and job simulations while delivering more predictive hiring than if humans made the decisions alone.

“Our team’s collective expertise, as well as the breadth of our individual research specialties, were significantly expanded by the combination of HireVue and Modern Hire,” said Dr. Nathan Mondragon, Chief IO Psychologist at HireVue. “This year’s conference contributions are some of the most significant we’ve made in terms of volume and content.”

With an eye toward creating solutions that measure potential over past experience alone, a sample of this year’s presentations include:

  • Machine Learning for I-O 6.0: Addressing Algorithmic Bias and Fairness Concerns
  • Diverse Minds, Inclusive Measures: Considerations for Neurodivergent Success
  • Avoiding Irrelevance in Hiring: Ensuring Your Selection Process Doesn’t Just Predict Performance
  • The AI Will Interview You Now: Latest Developments in Deploying AI-Based Interviews
  • I-O for Good: Case Studies and Best Practices for Prosocial I-O Psychology
  • Cheating Detection in High-Stakes Assessments: Vendor and Academic Perspectives
  • Harnessing Large Language Models in I-O Psychology: A Revolution in HR Offerings
  • Stronger Together: Academic-Practitioner Partnerships to Advance the Next Generation of AI Tools

Distinguished Early Career Contributions Award

The team is delighted to celebrate the achievements of Dr. Carter Gibson at this year’s conference, where he will receive the Distinguished Early Career Contributions Award in the practice category. Dr. Gibson works with companies including Walmart and Charter Communications to continually improve and establish significant return on investment via predictive validation studies. His selection algorithms have been used to support more than 10 million hires.

“Carter continually exemplifies the scientist-practitioner model through his commitment to improving how companies identify and select high-potential talent,” said Dr. Mike Hudy, Chief Science Officer at HireVue. “We are delighted to see him receive this award for his contributions to the field, and without a doubt, our customers are more successful because we have minds like his on the team.”

To book a meeting with a member of the HireVue Science Team at SIOP in Chicago, visit here.

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